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With the ALCS Set, It’s All Texas From Here

Photo by Getty Images

The 2023 World Series matchup will officially feature one team that resides in the great state of Texas. The Houston Astros eliminated the Minnesota Twins last night with a final score of 3-2. The Astros will now meet the Rangers for an "all-Texas" ALCS matchup.

The Astros and Rangers are two powerhouses who have arguably two of the greatest baseball masterminds at the helm. Dusty Baker for the Astros and Bruce Bochy for the Rangers. Both who have made their impacts on the game and are very respected throughout the sport.

As we inch closer to the Fall Classic, these two teams have been at the top of the league for quite some time. The Astros will look to continue their dynasty in their seventh consecutive ALCS appearance. The Rangers will look to start a dynasty of their own and knock off the defending champs. This will also mark the first time these two teams will meet in the postseason.


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