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World Series Champion Announces his Retirement

Photo by Getty Images

Longtime MLB outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. announced his retirement. Bradley Jr. played a total of 11 seasons in the MLB. He'll be remembered by baseball people as a player for the Red Sox as he won a World Series their and played 9 seasons with them. He also played with the Brewers, Blue Jays, and the Royals.

Jackie Bradley Jr. had a solid career in baseball. Across his 11 seasons in MLB, he played a total of 3,735 games. Bradley Jr. slashed .225/.303/.381, with 109 career home runs, and 449 RBI's. Jackie Bradley Jr. had 839 career hits, 514 runs, 204 doubles, and 27 triples.

Jackie Bradley Jr. had multiple accomplishments. He was a 1x All-Star, 1x Gold Glove winner, and a 2018 World Series Champion. All in all, Jackie Bradley Jr. had a very solid career at the major league level. It's hard to compete in the MLB, and he was a hard worker and it certainly paid off.

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