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ATD's Power Rankings To Start The 2023 MLB Season

The Around The Diamond crew all came up with their own power rankings to start the season. Collectively, these are our power rankings!

(number next to team name is the average ranking for the ATD team)

Alex Bregman and Jeremy Peña via Chron

1. Astros = 1

This ranking needs no explanation. The Astros were the unanimous top selection among Around The Diamond.

Padres opening day via Sports Illustrated

2. Padres = 2.25

The Padres are a team that it is easy to buy into. This roster is absolutely loading with talent. The lineup is arguably the best in baseball, the only question is, will the pitching staff hold up?

Matt Olson and Michael Harris via The New York Times

3. Braves = 3.25

The Braves have been a top team on power rankings for quite some time now. They have won a total of six consecutive NL East titles. This team is filled with talent in every aspect. From the lineup, pitching staff, and bullpen, we have a feeling this team is going to be atop of the power rankings the entire season.

Starling Marte, Mark Canha, and Brandon Nimmo via New York Post

4. Mets = 3.75

The Mets are loaded. There's no other way to put it. Having the top payroll in baseball, that's expected. The Mets have suffered quite a few injuries already this season. Star closer, Edwin Díaz, is likely to miss the entire season with the injury he suffered in the WBC and co-ace, Justin Verlander, just hit the IL with no timetable for return. However, this team is still an easy team to buy into.

Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman via Los Angeles Times

5. Dodgers = 5.5

The Dodgers will always be a main-stay atop of power rankings. Yes the Dodgers did lose a significant amount of talent this past offseason, however, they still have one of the best overall teams in baseball. We expect a regression but nothing crazy.

Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo via The New York Times

6. Yankees = 6

Health, health, health. That's the big thing holding the Yankees back. Carlos Rodón, Harrison Bader, Frankie Montas, Scott Effross, Tommy Kahnle, should we keep going? The Yankees arguably have the best pitching staff in baseball (when healthy) and easily a top 5 lineup. The Yankees just need to get healthy and there's no telling what they could do.

Trea Turner and Brandon Marsh via NBC Sports

7. Phillies = 7.5

The defending NL Champs obviously need to be high on this list. With the additions of Trea Turner, Taijuan Walker, and Matt Strahm, they have added to this already insane lineup. They upgraded at almost every aspect of their team that they could have. Some believe the Phillies magical run to the World Series was a fluke, we do not.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. via Sportsnet

8. Blue Jays = 7.5

There's no questioning the talent on this Blue Jays team. They just need to all come together and catch fire. This lineup is crazy good and the pitching staff is not far off. The Blue Jays will be giving the defending AL East Champs, the Yankees, a run for their money this season. The Jays could end up winning the east this season if all works out.

Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt via Fox 2

9. Cardinals = 9.25

The Cardinals are a fun team. Loaded with young talent and having No. 1 prospect, Jordan Walker, up from the farm, they are just adding to a good lineup. Headlined by Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt, this lineup is electric. The pitching is solid but seems to be the weakness in this St. Louis ball club.

Mariners Opening Day via Seattle Sports - my northwest

10. Mariners = 9.75

Ah yes, the once laughing stock of the league finally turns it around. This Mariners team is truly no joke. Julio Rodriguez solidified himself as an upcoming superstar last season and the leader of this club. The Mariners are sneaky good and we expect them to climb this list as the season proceeds.

Jose Ramirez and Amed Rosario via Forbes

11. Guardians = 11.25

Are you new to baseball and are looking to pick a favorite team? Here you go. This Guardians are so much fun and has a whole lot of potential. Headlined by underrated superstar, Jose Ramirez, this lineup is hungry. The pitching staff is solid with some great prospects waiting. The Guardians are looking to make a push and solidify themselves in the American League.

Shane McClanahan via USA Today

12. Rays = 11.25

The Rays are a team who is hard to rank. On paper, the Rays are honestly not that great. However, whatever the Rays have going on in their front office, is something all teams want. They constantly are contenders year after year. Just three years ago, they found themselves in the Fall Classic. We simply couldn't put them any lower on this list.

Corbin Burnes via CBS Sports

13. Brewers = 14

The Brewers are an underrated team heading into 2023. If this pitching staff stays healthy, it will be the reason they climb this list. The lineup could use some work but is still extremely respectable. A team to keep an eye on throughout the season.

Byron Buxton via Royals Review

14. Twins = 14

The Twins are just not getting enough love. This lineup has the potential to be a great one. Byron Buxton and Carlos Correa's health will determine that. Acquiring Pablo Lopez was a must. Yes they did give up Luis Arraez in order to acquire Lopez, but they needed to bolster the pitching staff. They did just that.

Shohei Ohtani and Mike Trout via Los Angeles Times

15. Angels = 14.75

The Angels.. a team we all feel sorry for. Or maybe that's just Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. The Angels are a middle of the pack team. Strong enough to turn heads but weak enough not to stay afloat in the dog days of the season. Fans want the Angels to be a better club for Trout and Ohtani. We all just hope it finally happens.

Corey Seager via Texas Monthly

16. Rangers = 16.5

This was a hard ranking for us. This team really has lots of potential to do big things. However, last season wasn't good for Texas. Coming off of their half a billion dollar "rebuild" just a season ago, they went out and acquired Jacob DeGrom. The best pitcher in baseball (when healthy). We just couldn't bank on DeGrom being on the field.

Dylan Cease via WGN-TV

17. White Sox = 16.75

The White Sox really underperformed last season. Constant injuries left this team falling behind at an alarming rate. If the White Sox can stay healthy this season, they will undoubtedly climb these rankings. However, that is one big IF.

Logan Webb via The Mercury News

18. Giants = 19.25

Wow did we feel bad for Giants fans this past offseason. Many predicted them signing the biggest free agent of the offseason, Aaron Judge. That however was not the case. Instead they got Mitch Hanigar and seven minutes of thinking they signed Judge. On the bright side, the Giants have a solid group of players that could surprise a lot of people.

Masataka Yoshida via NBC Sports

19. Red Sox = 19.25

Another group of fans we felt bad for last offseason. Losing longtime regular, Xander Bogaerts was a huge blow. This team does not have very high expectations. With the Yankees, Blue Jays, Rays, and an upcoming Orioles team, it's going to be hard for Boston to make a push.

Adley Rutschman via Baltimore Sun

20. Orioles = 20.25

There's no question this Orioles team is going to be good in the coming years. We just don't think they are there quite yet. This is another exciting team to watch this season.

Dansby Swanson via NBC Sports

21. Cubs = 20.5

Coming off of a fire sale just two years ago, the Cubs are in the early stages of their rebuild. Dansby Swanson was a great addition to this team but there's not going to be too much noise coming out of Chicago this season.

Zac Gallen via AZ Snake Pit

22. Diamondbacks = 20.75

Having a top farm system in baseball is going to be great for the Diamondbacks. Corbin Carroll is going to make some noise this season. They are no where near a playoff team just yet but the Diamondbacks may finally be righting the ship.

Jazz Chisholm via MLB On Fox

23. Marlins = 21.75

The Marlins made some positive moves this past offseason. They seem to be in the same boat as the Red Sox. They are in a loaded NL East that is going to be hard to compete in. The Mets, Braves, and Phillies are significantly better which leaves them in a projected 4th place finish.

Zack Greinke via Royals Review

24. Royals = 24.25

The Royals are up and coming. They need to finish this rebuild off strong with the promising prospects they do have. They are still a few years away and does not seem to be in any position to compete this season.

Bryan Reynolds via Bucs Dugout

25. Pirates = 26

Heading into the bottom 5, the Pirates are the best out of the bunch so there's that. They simply need to continue with their rebuild and extend Bryan Reynolds to be the leader of this ball club. Having a core of Reynolds, Cruz, and Hayes to build this team around is needed in the Steel City.

Javy Baez via Grand Valley Lanthorn

26. Tigers = 26

Just like the Pirates, continue the rebuild. The Tigers top prospects did not impress last season. They have to turn it around for this Tigers team to be on the right trajectory.

Rockies Opening Day via Sentinel Colorado

27. Rockies = 26.25

The Rockies front office is extremely confusing and that's why they rank so low. Trading away Arenado, and a boat load of money for prospects that just did not seem like a good return was already a questionable move. They then go and sign Kris Bryant to a long term deal and now find themselves and in a weird "which way are you going?" ordeal. Being in a loaded NL West just isn't going to do them any favors. We expect the Rockies to be down on rankings mostly all season.

Hunter Greene via WCPO

28. Reds = 27.25

The Reds are such a legendary club that it hurts to put them this low year after year. They just do not give us the on field product to rank them any higher. Promising prospects are either on their way or already here. Joey Votto is a national treasure so that's always a positive that the Reds have had for a long time.

Patrick Corbin via Federal Baseball

29. Nationals = 29

There's not too much to say about the Nationals. The terrible contracts that are haunting them seem to constantly be on the injured list year after year and losing Juan Soto is a horror that lives in Nationals fans everyday. The hope is the prospects originally from San Diego work out in their favor.

Tony Kemp and Jesus Aguilar via Fox 40

30. A’s = 29.75

Do we have to give an explanation?

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