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Craig Kimbrel Becomes the 8th Pitcher in MLB History to Reach 400 Saves

Craig Kimbrel via B/R Walk-off

Last night in the Phillies 6-4 victory over the Braves, all-time great closer Craig Kimbrel made history. He became the 8th pitcher in MLB history to reach 400 saves.

Kimbrel, who landed in the City of Brotherly Love last off-season, is currently on his seventh ball club of his career. Thus far, Kimbrel has had a tremendous career, averaging a career 2.41 ERA, 1,128 SO, all while compiling a 21.6 WAR.

Although Kimbrel is well past his prime, seeing him reach that 400 save milestone, it cements him in MLB history along with some of the games all-time greats.


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