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Houston Astros Struggles Continues After 23 Games

The Houston Astros have been off to a very shocking start to begin the 2024 season. Their start is not a good one. It’s been one of the worst starts for the Astros in many years. They’ve been so used to winning so many games, although that hasn’t been the case thus far. It’s very weird to see the Astros start this way, and there’s no signs of them getting any better.

The Astros have played a total of 23 games. As of right now, the Astros are 7-16. They’re currently in 5th place in the American League West division, behind the Rangers, Mariners, Angels, and the Athletics. That’s very worrisome for a team who has been such a winning ball club for so many years in a row.

Onto the stats, which is not a good look. Especially when you look at the pitching side.

For the Astros pitching staff, they currently hold a 7-16 record, a 5.10 ERA which is 29th worse in all of baseball, 209 hits allowed which is also 29th in all of baseball, and just 177 strikeouts, that is 23rd worse in all of baseball.

The offensive stats are much more impressive. They have a .266 average, 3rd best in all of baseball. A .332 OBP, 6th best in all of baseball. They have a .409 SLG, which is also 6th best in all baseball. Finally, a total of 24 home runs, which is the 9th best in all of baseball.

The Houston Astros absolutely have to turn it around. They’re too good of a team to continue this slow start. They have to just come together and just start playing the way they know they can. There’s a lot of questions surrounding the Astros right now, but they have to silent everything. It’s going to be interesting to see how the Astros can answer these question marks surrounding them.

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