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Miguel Cabrera Keeps Climbing the Record Books

Photo by Getty Images

One of baseball's best in the last two decades has undoubtedly been Miguel Cabrera. His hall of fame status is cemented, however, he keeps padding his resume as he climbs up the all-time hits list.

Cabrera finds himself now 19th all time in all-time hits after passing hall of famer Robin Yount.

Cabrera has obviously taken steps back from his prime, however, his career numbers are a work of art. In over 10,000 AB, Miggy has 3145 hits, 508 home runs, and is a career .307 hitter. Compiling all of his stats over the last 21 years in the big leagues, Miggy has a 67.7 WAR.

The lasting impact that Miguel Cabrera has left on the game of baseball is truly remarkable. Miguel Cabrera will be a first ballot hall of famer and will always be known for his professionalism on and off the field. His loyalty to the game is admirable and while everyone has the chance, tune into any Tigers game possible as a legend of the game is soon calling it quits.

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