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MLB Set to Play International Once Again

Mexico City Series via MLB

Major League Baseball is back outside the US for the first time this season, as the Giants and Padres will face off in Mexico City tomorrow. In recent year's, MLB has really set up a great international presence for expanding the game.

It's no secret that baseball is not the most popular sport in the US. Growing the game anyway possible is vital to getting America's pastime back atop that list. With the World Baseball Classic hitting historic highs this season, having international baseball back for the MLB is such a good sight.

The Padres are throwing out Joe Musgrove tomorrow while the Giants are sending out Sean Manaea. The two NL West rivals will play on Saturday and Sunday at Estadio Alfredo Harp Helú. This is also the first regular-season games that will be played south of the border.

The MLB has what's called "MLB World Tour". With Mexico City being brought in, bringing the game down south of the US, just opens expanding the game to another culture. While thinking of this series coming up, it reminds fans of the London Series. The Yankees and Red Sox played a series in 2019. This season, it will be the Cubs and Cardinals.

To compete with the other three major sports, this is such an important piece. International series' will be a great way to expand cultures into Major League Baseball.


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