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MLB to Introduce New Prospect Showcase During Spring Training

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Major League Baseball had an exciting announcement yesterday, as they are introducing the brand new "Spring Breakout". The spring breakout will include each team's best prospects as they face off in games at big league spring training stadiums. This is a huge opportunity for fans off all 30 teams to get to know their top prospects.

Major League Baseball's ratings have been skyrocketing the last few seasons. This is such an important point as it obviously grows the game, which is the end goal. With the introduction of the MLB World Tour just a few years back, the game is now growing even more internationally, and bringing in the "Spring Breakout" gives fans more to do while attending spring training games.


As of right now, the MLB top 100 prospects look as followed..

1. Jackson Holliday SS/2B (Baltimore)

2. Jackson Chourio OF (Brewers)

3. Paul Skenes RHP (Pirates)

4. Dylan Crews OF (Nationals)

5. Ethan Salas C (Padres)

6. Junior Caminero 3B/SS (Rays)

7. James Wood OF (Nationals)

8. Evan Carter OF (Rangers)

9. Jackson Merrill SS (Padres)

10. Jordan Lawlar SS (Diamondbacks)

11. Marcelo Mayer SS (Red Sox)

12. Pete Crow-Armstrong OF (Cubs)

13. Wyatt Langford OF (Rangers)

14. Colton Cowser OF (Orioles)

15. Max Clark OF (Tigers)

16. Walker Jenkins OF (Twins)

17. Colson Montgomery SS (White Sox)

18. Brooks Lee SS (Twins)

19. Carson Williams SS (Rays)

20. Kyle Harrison LHP (Giants)

21. Adael Amador SS/2B (Rockies)

22. Termarr Johnson 2B (Pirates)

23. Noelvi Marte 3B/SS (Reds)

24. Heston Kjerstad OF (Orioles)

25. Colt Keith 3B/2B (Tigers)

26. Marco Luciano SS (Giants)

27. Coby Mayo 3B/1B (Orioles)

28. Andrew Painter RHP (Phillies)

29. Cade Horton RHP (Cubs)

30. Masyn Winn SS/2B (Cardinals)

31. Ricky Tiedemann LHP (Blue Jays)

32. Jeferson Quero C (Brewers)

33. Druw Jones OF (Diamondbacks)

34. Curtis Mead 3B/2B (Rays)

35. Roman Anthony OF (Red Sox)

36. Jacob Misiorowski RHP (Brewers)

37. Cole Young SS/2B (Mariners)

38. Luisangel Acuña SS/2B (Mets)

39. Harry Ford C (Mariners)

40. Brady House 3B (Nationals)

41. Rhett Lowder RHP (Reds)

42. Tink Hence RHP (Cardinals)

43. Dalton Rushing C/1B (Dodgers)

44. Michael Busch 3B/2B (Dodgers)

45. Mick Abel RHP (Phillies)

46. Samuel Basallo C/1B (Orioles)

47. Brayan Rocchio SS/2B (Guardians)

48. Emmanuel Rodriguez OF (Twins)

49. Yanquiel Fernandez OF (Rockies)

50. Joey Ortiz INF (Orioles)

51. Tyler Black 3B (Brewers)

52. Drew Gilbert OF (Mets)

53. AJ Smith-Shawver RHP (Braves)

54. Jackson Jobe RHP (Tigers)

55. Noble Meyer RHP (Marlins)

56. Diego Cartaya C (Dodgers)

57. Edwin Arroyo SS (Reds)

58. Kyle Manzardo 1B (Guardians)

59. Chase Dollander RHP (Rockies)

60. Robby Snelling LHP (Padres)

61. Noah Schultz LHP (White Sox)

62. Sebastian Walcott SS (Rangers)

63. Dylan Lesko RHP (Padres)

64. Owen Caissie OF (Cubs)

65. Nick Frasso RHP (Dodgers)

66. Gabriel Gonzalez OF (Mariners)

67. Jace Jung 2B (Tigers)

68. Connor Phillips RHP (Reds)

69. Jared Jones RHP (Pirates)

70. Carson Whisenhunt LHP (Giants)

71. Kevin Alcántara OF (Cubs)

72. Ceddanne Rafaela OF/SS (Red Sox)

73. Spencer Jones OF (Yankees)

74. Jasson Domínguez OF (Yankees)

75. Everson Pereira OF (Yankees)

76. Jacob Wilson SS (Athletics)

77. Justin Crawford OF (Phillies)

78. Jett Williams SS/OF (Mets)

79. Gavin Stone RHP (Dodgers)

80. Daniel Espino RHP (Guardians)

81. Edgar Quero C (White Sox)

82. Kyle Teel C (Red Sox)

83. Jordan Beck OF (Rockies)

84. Anthony Solometo LHP (Pirates)

85. Chase DeLauter OF (Guardians)

86. Ben Brown RHP (Cubs)

87. Ronny Mauricio 2B/OF/SS (Mets)

88. Orelvis Martinez SS/3B (Blue Jays)

89. Kevin Parada C (Mets)

90. Aidan Miller 3B (Phillies)

91. Brock Porter RHP (Rangers)

92. Zac Veen OF (Rockies)

93. Samuel Zavala OF (Padres)

94. Xavier Isaac 1B (Rays)

95. Chase Hampton RHP (Yankees)

96. Matt Shaw SS (Cubs)

97. Tommy Troy SS (Diamondbacks)

98. Nolan Schanuel 1B (Angels)

99. Drew Thorpe RHP (Padres)

100. Hurston Waldrep RHP (Braves)


As the "Spring Breakout" that will take place from March 14-17, fans will get to know a lot of the featured players listed above. This is, without a doubt, a win for Major League Baseball and it's fans. These youngsters will get to show off their skills and show why they belong in the show.

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