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Phil Cuzzi Has Been The Umpire For All 3 Foreign Substance Ejections… Definitely Not A Coincidence

This is insane. Yesterday Max Scherzer was ejected from the game against the Dodgers for having a foreign substance on his hands (allegedly). This is now the third ejection in MLB since they started checking last season, and in EVERY SINGLE EJECTION Phil Cuzzi was the umpire doing the check. There is no chance that this is a coincidence. One time yes, two times yeah sure. But the ONLY 3 times a pitcher has been ejected for foreign substances it’s all by the same umpire?! It's like Cuzzi gets a bonus every time he ejects a pitcher for sticky substances. Somethings up there. I’m not sure what exactly, but there’s no way that’s a coincidence. Someone has to investigate.

Photo via Katelyn Mulcahy/ Getty Images

Now let’s talk about the Scherzer incident. There is a 0% chance that Max Scherzer was cheating. On the field you saw how Max was pleading that it was just sweat and rosin, and even after the game in his postgame interview.

Scherzer said he told the umpires “I swear on my kid’s life I’m not using anything else. It’s just sweat and rosin.” Scherzer then went on to talk about how he listened and followed everything Phil Cuzzi asked of him. Washing his hands multiple times, switching gloves, even washing his hands in front of a MLB official and he still got tossed. I don’t get it.

Funny enough earlier this week Max Scherzer was on Foul Territory, talking exactly about the issues with the current substance checks. Scherzer and AJ Pierzynski were talking about how you can make rosin really sticky, and it is difficult to tell the different between rosin and an illegal substance. Scherzer also voiced his issues he had with the substance check and thinks they should do it off the field in the dugout with a MLB official. Then just a few days later bam Scherzer is ejected for this exact issue he was talking about.

Also, because of the rule where if you’re ejected for a foreign substance, a 10 game suspension follows. I’m sure Scherzer will appeal, and hopefully the league figures this out. If Scherzer’s telling the truth, (which I think everyone believes him), he was using legal substances the entire time so there’s no reason for any of this. MLB, figure this out before it becomes a bigger issue. And fire Phil Cuzzi.


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