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Recapping the 2023 Hall of Fame Weekend

The 2023 Hall of Fame Weekend has officially come to an end and fans will now look forward to next year's ballot. As the weekend finished, Scott Rolen and Fred McGriff are forever enshrined in baseball immortality.

Around The Diamond Media made the trip to Cooperstown to witness this year's ceremony. Fans of the game flourished the streets wearing their favorite franchise's jerseys along with soaking in all of the history that filled the streets of Cooperstown New York.

From the press conferences to the ceremony, hall of famers, past and present, represented what Cooperstown was all about. The love of the game filled the small town in New York and shined the brightest all weekend long.

The Hall of Fame museum had the feeling it always had and will, inspiration and ebullience. For any fan who has not yet had the opportunity to visit the great jewel of baseball, the feeling is unmatched.

Finally, matching what baseball is all about, was the fans. Young kids who played at parks such as Doubleday Field and Cooperstown Dreams Park, plummeted the streets. Fans of all ages made the trip and appreciated what was around them. Hall of Fame Weekend has always been a special part of the game and will continue to be so for years to come.

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