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Spending Money Pays Off, 2024 Royals Show Why

Photo by Kim Klement Neitzel-USATODAY Sports

As of May 2024, the Kansas City Royals' payroll for the 2024 season was $122 million, which includes bonuses and benefits. This is a $10 million increase from the previous year.


Some of the estimated salaries for 2024 include:

• Salvador Perez: $20 million

• Michael Wacha: $16 million

• Seth Lugo: $15 million

• Jordan Lyles: $8.5 million

• Will Smith: $5 million

• Chris Stratton: $3.5 million


The Royals were one of the top spenders during the 2023 offseason. Something that may have surprised some fans as the Royals were always a team that was more conservative when spending. However, it has paid off thus far.

The Kansas City Royals are currently 34-19, just 1.5 games back of first place in the AL Central. What makes that a bit crazier is the fact that the Royals finished dead last in the AL Central last season, with a 56-106 record.

The Royals find themselves at the top of most of the team offensive stats, as well as pitching stats. Ranking 3rd in team ERA and tied for 3rd in team batting average.

The 2024 Royals are getting the job done. It’s coming from the top guys all the way down to the role and bench players. Their club is winning and having a lot of fun in the process. The Royals are proving one thing to other fanbases, baseball is fun when your team spends money.

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