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The Athletics Are Looking to Make History, Negatively

Oakland Athletics manager Mark Kotsay pulls Oakland Athletics starting pitcher James Kaprielian via Ray Chavez/Bay Area News Group

It's no secret that the Oakland Athletics are a dumpster fire right now. With fans running on the field with no response from security to the product that have on the field day in and day out, they're looking to make some negative history.

The Athletics are currently the worst team in baseball, with a record of 12-46. They are already one of the worst teams historically and the pace that they're on, they might end up with the worst 162 record of all time.

  • The 2003 Tigers finished 43-119. They were 16-40 at this point in the season. 

  • The 2018 Orioles went 47-115. At this point in the season, they were 17-39. 

  • The 1916 Philadelphia A's have the franchise record with 117 losses (they won 36). Through 56 games, they were 16-39-1. 

  • The 1935 Boston Braves were 38-115. At this point in the season, they were 17-39. 

  • The 1962 Mets went 40-120-1. Through 56 games, they were 16-40. 

  • The 1899 Cleveland Spiders were 20-134. Through 56 games they were 10-46. 

(Stats via Matt Snyder of CBS MLB)


Those 1899 Spiders currently hold the record for worst record in MLB history. That record is hard to beat no matter how bad a team truly is. It's unlikely the 2023 A's finish worse than that, however, it is likely they end up joining this dreadful list once 2023 comes to an end.

What makes this truly remarkable is the product on the field is not the only issue surrounding the once promising franchise. The A's faithful constantly call for a change in ownership. Game after game, stands are filled with signs such as "sell the team" or "stay in Oakland".

The A's fanbase, now a laughing stock, is filled with some of the best of the best. Just four years ago, this same franchise was competing in October. After the fire sale, fans are left wondering what happened?


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