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The Pirates Officially Have Their Ace of the Future

Photo by MLB

Earlier this season the Pittsburgh Pirates made a move that got a ton of people excited. That move was to call up their No. 1 prospect, Paul Skenes. It was a move that was expected to happen at some point this season. Skenes has impressed so many people within the Pirates organization and even fans around baseballZ

Paul Skenes MLB stats:

4 starts

2-0 record

22.0 IP

2.45 ERA

30 strikeouts

0.91 WHIP

5 walks

2 home runs allowed

15 hits allowed

It is incredible what Paul Skenes is doing at the major league level. There was a lot of pressure for Skenes just because of all the hype surrounding him once he got the call to the bigs. The way Paul Skenes is pitching is like he’s pitching in a video game.

Not only did Paul Skenes put energy into the team as a whole, he also put a ton of energy into the Pirates fans. The Pirates officially have their ace of the future and Paul Skenes will be around baseball for a long time. He is just 22-years-old, it’s going to be fun watching Skenes pitch in the MLB.

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