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Three Potential Landing Spots for Gold Glove Third Baseman

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Third baseman, Matt Chapman is the best available free-agent third baseman. Many teams could use Chapman. He's a gold glove third baseman who provides good offense. So, here are three teams who could possibly sign Matt Chapman.


San Francisco Giants

The Giants have been the team who many baseball experts have chosen to get Matt Chapman. It would make a ton of sense. The Giants have missed out on many big free-agents. So far, they've already signed Japanese star outfielder, Lee Jung-hoo this off-season. Matt Chapman could be the next big signing for the San Francisco Giants.


Seattle Mariners

Earlier this off-season, the Mariners traded their third baseman, Eugenio Suarez to the Arizona Diamondbacks. So, they need to fill their hole at third base. They have a good amount of money to spend on some big free-agents, and Matt Chapman could fit perfect in Seattle.


Toronto Blue Jays

There's always a chance the Blue Jays could resign Matt Chapman. They have already had talks earlier this year, it seems like both sides could want to get a deal done. Matt Chapman had many good years in Toronto, he could look to add to his success by resigning with the Toronto Blue Jays.


Matt Chapman is a four-time gold glove winner. He provides so much on the defensive side, he's one of the best defensive third baseman's in all of baseball. Any team would want a player like Matt Chapman. It'll be interesting to see if any of these three teams sign Chapman, or if he will go somewhere else.


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