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Bryce Harper Reaches Big Milestone

Photo via Twitter

Bryce Harper reached 300 career home runs yesterday. Although the Phillies did lose, this is a huge milestone for Bryce Harper in his already great career. Bryce Harper's 300th career home run came in a close game, it was in the bottom of the 8th with the Phillies down 7-6 and it was a two run home run that put the Phillies ahead 8-7.

Bryce Harper wanted to hit his 300th career home run in front of his fans at Citizens Bank Park. He did just that. It was the final game of the Phillies nine game homestead.

Bryce Harper spoke to the media after the game, and this is what he had to say: " I just love being a Phillie, plain & simple. It's something I dreamed about, this fanbase, city, I love them. Feel like I'm part of this family. I could go on and on. Everybody thinks I pander a lot but it's real. It's so real. It's from the bottom of my heart."

It's unkown how many more home runs Bryce Harper will hit. Could he possibly hit 500 home runs? Well, he's just 30-years-old. Phillies legend, Mike Schmidt was asked if Bryce Harper could potentially reach 500 career home runs, he answered, "Bryce? Absolutely. Are you kidding,” Mike Schmidt said. “He’ll hit 30, 35 a year and he’ll be there in about six years."


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