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Could Luis Arraez be the Next .400 Hitter?

Luis Arraez via Sports Illustrated

Luis Arraez is coming off of a spectacular season. Last year with the Twins, Arraez won the batting title, .316. The Twins traded him this offseason to the Miami Marlins in exchange for Pablo Lopez and 2 prospects.

The last time we saw a MLB player hit .400 for the whole year was Ted Williams in 1941 when he hit exactly .400. In 2023, Luis Arraez has played 26 games with an average of .435, an OBP of .495, a OPS of 1.038, and a WAR of 1.4.

We all know that Luis Arraez is a phenomenal hitter and he's proven that year in and year out. No one expects Arraez to keep this pace up, and Arraez doesn’t expect that himself, however, he has the best shot at this huge milestone. It would be pretty amazing to see someone hit .400 again. It’s truly unheard of, and it hasn’t happened since 1941. That’s exactly 82 years ago. So, that leads to the question, do you think Luis Arraez will have a batting average of at least .400?

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